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Have you ever forgotten someone’s name when you needed it most?

Remembering the name of your manager’s spouse is one thing, but their kids? Birthdays and anniversaries? Phone? Hobbies? What are they going to study? What was the record her son has broken again?

Names are just one of the “Top 10” things we forget.

What about keeping track of essentials, phone numbers, daily routines, agenda items, checklists, servicing the car, feeding the plants and fish, and where you parked your car?

And to have a quick look at your Company Policy?

You may say, “I know hundreds of people. You expect me to remember all of this?”


But not in your human brain. That’s not what it’s designed for.

Store it in your digital ‘brain’. And retrieve it in 3 seconds flat.


You will benefit by joining this event if…
You have a brain and a phone, and if...

  • You want to use your human brain to store implementable information and skills effectively. Use your electronic brain to remember everything else.

  • You want to optimize your human brain by learning how to free up your attention. Eliminate some of the mental chaos and free up your mind for the important things.

  • You wish to enhance your memory to effectively remember names and important information like a memory grandmaster and keep the information forever.

  • You want to become super-organised so that everything in your life will be instantly available to you within 3 seconds.

  • You would never again want to say, “I cannot remember that”, or “I forgot your son’s name”, or “What is this client’s issue again?, or “Is my blood pressure reading OK?”, or “What’s my car’s VIN Number?”

  • (Note. Even if you are using technology different from OneNote, the principles you get in this webinar will still serve you brilliantly. All airplanes follow the same principles of flight. All organising systems follow the same principles – the principles you will learn here.)

Why this webinar?
In this webinar, you will get practical tips, tricks, and techniques to:

  • Use Microsoft OneNote (which you already have if you have Office 365 or Windows 10) to free up your brain to do what it’s designed to do.

  • Declutter your mind. Ever felt that “My mind has too many tabs open”? This webinar will help you close unnecessary “tabs” and restore your creative brain to serve you even better.

  • Never be more than 3 seconds away from any piece of information you have stored in your “external brain”.

  • Leverage the investment you or your company have already made in Microsoft Office.

Why now?
We live in the attention economy.

To quote, “Attention is one of the most valuable resources of the digital age. For most of human history, access to information was limited. Today we have access to information on a massive scale. Facts, literature, and art are available (often for free) to anyone with an internet connection.

We are presented with a wealth of information, but we have the same amount of mental processing power as we have always had. The number of minutes has also stayed exactly the same every day. Today attention, not information, is the limiting factor.”

(Source: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/attention-economy/ )

In this webinar we want to help you to use your attention appropriately. To be where you are. To avoid being distracted and be focused on the task at hand.

Ultimately, to make your life easier.

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"Pretoria" designates the time zone - this is a live online event.
Fri, 2021 Oct 15 · 11:07
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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  • The wonder of the human brain
  • The wonder of OneNote.
  • The miracle of your brain and OneNote working together.
  • Business & finance
  • Health & wellness
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  • Professional development

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