Patterns of High Performance

FORMAT: 17-minute micro productivity webinar.

I had the privilege of working with the late Dr. Jerry L Fletcher. It was his book "Patterns of High Performance" that first attracted me to his body of work.

Each person has a unique way of achieving success, and it is better to discover this unique behaviour set and then create space for its execution, rather than to try and follow someone else’s process for succeeding.

Your High Performance Pattern is a precise description of the unique sequence of steps that you consistently follow when you do your best work.

Knowing the pattern for each member of a team greatly simplifies and shortens the struggle to find better courses of action.

Imitating other people’s ways of doing something is only the first step toward achieving outstanding performance. The process to discover your own unique pattern of high performance is about the rest of the journey.

As organisations become increasingly flatter, the traditional span-of-control organisational principles no longer make sense. As a manager, you no longer need methods to control – you now need ways of inspiring your people to give them confidence and courage to do their job successfully.

True “empowerment” is a vital key for business success today – and true empowerment simply means to acknowledge the fact that the power to achieve superior results and high performance already lies dormant within people.

All that is needed to unlock this potential is a caring gardener-leader, not a traditional supervising manager. The gardener creates the environment within which individuals are allowed to be themselves and to realise their potential by working in a way that has already proved itself as the way to deliver high-performance results.

In this webinar, you will see how easy it is to discover your own pattern of high performance and use that every day to achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

May our paths cross again soon in this webinar.
  • Distinctive features of High Performance Patterns
  • Situations for which the High Performance Patterns process is particularly effective
  • How to discover your unique Pattern of High Performance
  • How you can use your Pattern of High Performance
  • When: Pretoria
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.
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