The H.EL.M.E.T. - Human ELement Maritime Enhancement Tool Webinar

Safety in the shipping industry needs to move away from the current ‘tick box’ culture, with greater emphasis placed on a proactive approach which puts people at the centre.

With the aim of detecting inefficient operational practices at an early stage before they can escalate into major incidents, the Human ELement Maritime Enhancement Tool (H.EL.M.E.T.) developed by Prevention at Sea Ltd represents a simple, practical and effective methodology for risk assessment that can prevent safety incidents before they occur.

The use of this tool is supported by the H.EL.M.E.T. Committee, a group of well-respected industry stakeholders, who hold the joint ambition to ultimately re-establish a genuine, industry-wide commitment to a ‘safe business culture’

In this webinar, representatives from INTERCARGO, Prevention at Sea, Maran Dry Management and the European University of Cyprus voice their views on shipping industry safety approaches and discuss the importance of the human element. Plans and progressions for the H.EL.M.E.T. tool and its methodology in 2021 were also be presented.
  • Introduction from Mr. Paul Markides, Marine-Quality Manager at INTERCARGO
  • Presentation by Mr. Petros Achtypis, CEO at PREVENTION AT SEA
  • Presentation by Capt. Panagiotis Nikiteas, HSQE / DPA / CSO at MARAN DRY MANAGEMENT INC
  • Presentation by Prof. George Boustras, Professor Risk Assessment at the EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS
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    Mr. Paul Markides, Marine-Quality Manager at INTERCARGO
    Paul has been associated with Marine Operations in one form or another since 1972 when he started his career as a Deck Cadet with BP Shipping.

    Paul’s expertise in the marine business has evolved over time with an ever-changing industry through various roles both sea-going and ashore, including roles as Director, OCIMF, Director ExxonMobil and Director, Global Tanker Quality with NYK. Paul currently holds the position of Marine-Quality Manager with INTERCARGO where his primary responsibility lies in the development of a dry bulk Self-Assessment scheme.

    Paul is passionate about all things related to Safety, Health and the Environment in the marine world and believes his experience at senior levels within the shipping industry will add significant value to the development of H.EL.M.E.T going forward.

    In his leisure time Paul grows Bonsai trees and looks after a Bassett Hound and a miniature Dachshund.
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    Mr. Petros Achtypis - CEO, Prevention at Sea
    Mr. Petros N. Achtypis, is the founder and CEO of Prevention at Sea.

    During his professional career, he showed a keen interest in the principles of the safety, proactiveness and prevention culture in shipping management. In 2013, he established the company Prevention at Sea Ltd, a LR-certified Risk Assessor and Maritime technology firm.

    He holds an BEng MEng Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in Greece ad a MLC 2006 Trainer/Inspector Certificate issued by the ILO and holds both ISO Lead Auditor Certificates.

    He specialises in SMS simplification techniques, dry bulk pre-vetting, research and development of state-of-the-art risk assessment mechanisms, investigations and behavioural based audits.

    Through its innovative projects and achievements, Prevention at Sea has been recognised with two Lloyd’s List Awards, as well as the NAMEPA Innovation Award and the Tanker Shipping and Trade Technical Award in 2017. Prevention at Sea was also a finalist for another Lloyd’s List Innovation award in Middle East and Africa and in 2018, Prevention at Sea was a finalist for the Lloyd’s List Global Awards, Safety sector.
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    Capt. Panagiotis Nikiteas, HSQE / DPA / CSO at MARAN DRY MANAGEMENT INC
    Captain Panagiotis Nikiteas is maritime professional with 32 years’ experience span in various sectors of the maritime industry including management, marine, vetting, operations, crewing, safety, quality, environmental, energy, security, health, surveying, incident investigation and training.

    He had been stationed and worked abroad in Manila, Dubai and Singapore and appreciated the benefits of multi-cultural working environment. He is holding Master’s Degree in Adult Education, Master’s degree in International Shipping with distinction, Post Graduate Diploma in International Shipping and Transport Management and is a graduate form Hydra Merchant Marine Academy with distinction.

    Panagiotis, in his current position as the HSQE Manager / DPA / CSO of Maran Dry Management Inc. assist in the transformation of the policies, focus, systems and procedures in order to ensure safer and more efficient operations, not only for managed fleet but also throughout the industry with the involvement in various projects and committees.
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    Prof. George Boustras, Professor Risk Assessment at The European University of Cyprus
    George is Professor in Risk Assessment at European University Cyprus, Dean of the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration and Director of the Centre of Risk and Decision Sciences (CERIDES).

    George is a PhD in Probabilistic Fire Risk Assessment from CFES at Kingston University London, he was Honorary Research Fellow at CPSE at Imperial College London (2003 - 2005), and KTP Research Fellow at FSEG at the University of Greenwich (2009). He sat at the Management Committee of Secure Societies - Protecting Freedom and Security of Europe and its citizens of “HORIZON 2020”.

    George was a Member of the Socio Economic Assessment Committee (SEAC) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for 6 years. He was appointed by the Ministerial Council of the Republic of Cyprus to Head the Special Task Force that overlooked the modernization of the Fire Services. He was hired by World Bank to contribute to the modernization of licensing services provided by the Fire Service of the Hellenic Republic.

    The President of the Republic of Cyprus appointed him, as Vice President in the Energy Strategy Council. He consulted the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus in the Risk Assessment of Unexploded Ordnance as part of Gas Exploration.

    George is Editor-in-Chief of Safety Science (Elsevier) and Member of the Editorial Board of Fire Technology (Springer), the International Journal of Emergency Management and International Journal οf Critical Infrastructure (both Inderscience). He (co-)supervises 7 PhD students.