When executives and managers find that a given framework, general practice, theory, or way of thinking - what Roger Martin refers to as a 'model' for short - doesn’t lead to the desired outcome, they almost automatically assume that the model in question wasn’t applied rigorously enough. The prescription, therefore, is to apply the model again, more vigorously. Rather, we should implement new models, a new way to think. That is what this Masterclass is about.

Meet Roger Martin, the #1 Management Thinker and Professor Emeritus at Rotman School of Business. In this Masterclass, Roger will give you an insight into his new book, where he tackles head on the traditional models applied by managers with new and better ones.

Whereas the book includes 14 chapters, we will focus on two ideas. First, we will delve into competition. For it is true that all competition happens at the front line, in the trenches, not at the head office. Second, we will delve into talent. With the ongoing talent war and 'Great Resignation' attracting and retaining talent is more important than ever - hence, it is time to reconsider your approach to talent.

Reserve your free seat for this Masterclass with Roger Martin on the 24th of November, where you among many things will learn…

- How to recognize when a model owns you
- How to build and embrace a new model
- How to determine when model change is advisable

The Global Masterclass Series is hosted by Presidents Summit - Northern Europe's leading business conference. Our annual conference attracts 3,000+ executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers that benefit from lectures by some of the world’s foremost business experts and have the opportunity to network with a diverse, high-level international audience.
Wed, Nov 24, 2021 · 4:00 PM London (GMT 0:00)
Roger Martin
Roger is named as the World's no. 1. management thinker and acknowledged as one of the most influential business professors in the world. He is a trusted strategy advisor to the CEOs of companies worldwide including Procter & Gamble, Lego and Ford.

As a Professor Emeritus at the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, he served from 1998-2013 and was named global Dean of the Year in 2013 by Poets & Quants.

His research work is in Strategy, Democratic Capitalism, Integrative Thinking, Design of Business, Incentives & Governance, and Social Innovation. His extensive writing includes 12 books and 28 Harvard Business Review articles.