The average person reads at a rate of about 225 words-per-minute (wpm). Jim Kwik, on the other hand, can read at a rate of 1,300 wpm… Plus, he remembers and retains everything he reads. Now that’s speed reading.

Here’s the thing, though, Jim Kwik wasn’t always so kwik. In fact, he suffered head trauma when he was 5 years old that slowed down his ability to learn (or so he thought). He fell far behind in school due to this and struggled to keep up with the other kids.

It wasn’t until he was in college that he decided to give his learning difficulty a bit more attention. So, he thought a lot about learning — these thoughts then led him to delve into the concept of meta-learning, or learning how to learn (something we are strangely not taught how to do in school). He then decided to focus his attention on simply learning how to learn - on how to make learning his superpower!

Reserve your seat for this FREE Masterclass with Jim Kwik on the 7th of October, where you, among many other things, will learn…

• How You Can Learn Faster by Taking the Information You Read in more Effectively

The FREE masterclass is hosted by Presidents Summit - Northern Europe's leading business conference. Our annual conference attracts 3,000+ executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers that benefit from lectures by some of the world’s foremost business experts and have the opportunity to network with a diverse, high-level international audience.

Wednesday October 7, 2020, starting at 5:00 PM BST
Jim Kwik
NYT Bestselling Author, Speed Reading & Memory Trainer, and Host of the #1 Kwik Brain Podcast
For over 25 years, renowned brain coach, Jim Kwik, has worked closely with CEOs, executives, celebrities, athletes, students, and superachievers in various industries to enhance brain performance through world-class accelerated learning programs and proven methods for brain fitness
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