About This Webinar
Join Christopher Trineer, Assistant Manager and Mutual Fund Representative at Scotiabank as he discusses how COVID-19 has created instability and uncertainty in many areas, including our personal finances. Financial stress for newcomers is a common issue. And no one could have predicted the additional financial stress that COVID-19 would create. But there are steps that you can take to manage your finances during this time. Find out what Scotiabank financial advisors have to say about this important issue.
  • Practical tips and steps that you can take to reduce your financial stress
  • What financial resources are available to help you manage financial uncertainty
  • Effective strategies to manage your debt and spending while saving for the future
Christopher Trineer
Assistant Branch Manager
Christopher is an Assistant Manager at the Huron and Highbury Branch and a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Degree in English. Christopher joined Scotiabank in 2011 as a Customer Representative and quickly moved over to the role of a Financial Advisor, where he worked for 6 years before becoming an Assistant Manager at this branch.