About this Webinar
A crisis creates an opportunity to adapt, re-invent and improve you and your clients’ businesses. Practiceweb have partnered with The Gap to share useful insights and help you move forward in a helpful and practical way.

We will cover:

How firms have adapted to the COVID-19 situation.
The services your clients need right now.
How to package these services and avoid giving so much value away for free.
How to leverage your message without coming across as opportunistic.
How to develop your own plan in a systematic way.
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    zoe sweet
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    Mike Crook
    Managing Director
    With over 19 years experience in agency and client side, Mike has held senior leadership roles for the last nine. Working in multiple sectors from banking and accounting to automotive and fashion.

    As a business leader Mike is constantly switching between tactical and strategic to build scalable products, systems, processes and technologies. Facilitating the relationships between product, production, sales and marketing to ensure the business delivers on its mission.
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    Mark Jenkins
    Director at The Gap
    Mark established Quay Accountants, where he generated revenues in excess of $2m per annum, of which over 50% was from systemised Business Development work. He co-founded The Gap with Viv and is CEO of 2020 Business Dynamics. He works with New Zealand and Australian firms to deliver the three freedoms to their own clients, and achieve recurring BD revenue and ultimate client stickiness in the process.

    All about the leverage, Mark’s success stems from the design of BD services to create recurring income and a business model that didn't rely on his presence. Also a sales force, his mission is to blow apart the used car salesman stigma around selling, kick product pushers into touch, and help our Gap members to sell valuable services to help their SMB clients get the business and life they’re after!
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    Phil Sayers
    UK Director of Sales - The Gap
    I help business owners sell more, sell more often, and build a better business.

    After a 35 year (ouch!) career of selling, managing and building sales teams and managing and building businesses, I finally realised that I could get far more satisfaction helping others be successful than in running someone else’s business for them.

    I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I’ve seen enough, done enough and made enough mistakes over the years to know that my experience can be incredibly valuable to some.

    On the other hand, if you’re a business owner who thinks you could benefit from being challenged, stretched and held accountable for doing the things you say you’re going to do, then maybe, just maybe we should talk.

    I head up the UK business for The Gap Portal, a web based portal that enables accountants to market, sell and deliver advisory services to their clients.

    Author of “It’s All About The Value”.. Improving sales effectiveness for small businesses.