If you're in a system that's outdated, you’re well aware of the risks of running your plant processes with aging hardware and software. Waiting to modernize will impact your cost of ownership due to shortages of critical parts, increase risk of an unplanned production shutdown and will have no incremental benefits.

A well-designed modernization approach will allow to reduce footprints and costs. Whether by eliminating unnecessary hardware, reducing wiring, or reducing project hours, these solutions all drive significant cost savings that add up to millions of dollars even on small projects.
Wed, Mar 17, 2021 · 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Satnam Bhogal is the Global Initiative Leader Migrations for third party systems at Honeywell. Apart from overseeing the solutions, processes and best practices demanded of such legacy migrations which includes control room consolidation, his primary responsibility remains, working with customers in developing a justifiable business case as it relates to the opportunity cost arising with obsolescence of aging non-Honeywell systems, and the opportunity to improve business performance.

He has well over 35 years’ experience in the process automation industry having held various roles and level of responsibilities in marketing, sales and project management with a large part of it in the global arena and working across key process industries.
Mary Page Bailey
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Mary Page Bailey has been an editor with Chemical Engineering since May 2013, after working five years as a process design engineer at ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s joint venture, Univation Technologies, LLC. During her time with Univation, she designed equipment for numerous Unipol polyethylene plants and attended a plant startup in China. She holds a B.S. Ch.E. degree from the University of Oklahoma.