Join me for Mental Health Awareness week 2021 on Wednesday 12 May at 6pm, where we'll be discussing how to take care of your mental health and emotional well-being.

I am delighted to announce that Rose Berry, Social Confidence Coach, Aly Blenkin, Head of Digital at Snook, and Gill Bennet, Programme Manager at News UK will also be joining me. Rose will be sharing how to manage your anxiety as we come out of lockdown and Aly and Gill will be sharing their own mental health journeys.

Come and join us for open, honest and above all, courageous conversations.
Mamta Gera
Leadership Consultant & Emotional Well-Being Coach
Mamta's mission is to empower, guide and enable everyone, including young people and underrepresented communities, to reach their full potential. To give them the tools & knowledge to reach their goals, purpose and create a better future for all. Over the lockdown period, Mamta created 'The Power Within You', a programme to understand your self-limiting beliefs and start creating a life with joy, meaning and purpose. In partnership with Scribd, the programme was turned into an audio course, reaching over one million subscribers.
Rose Berry
Social Confidence Coach
Rose Berry is a Social Confidence Coach, Mental Health Advocate and the Founder of My Friend Fear. Rose helps people transform their relationship with fear so that they have the courage fully express who they are, and create a legacy they're proud of. Through her lived experience with social anxiety (SAD,) as well as depression, PTSD and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD,) Rose combines what she's learnt on her own mental health journey with the formal training she received to become a Certified Health & Life Coach to create powerful and sustainable change in the lives of others.
Aly Blenkin
Head of Digital
Aly is passionate about the intersection of design and technology and the critical role digital products and services play in improving people’s lives. Currently, she heads up the Digital team at Snook, where she is responsible for growing Snook's digital offering and capabilities to drive impact in the public sector in the UK. Before joining Snook, she was co-director and co-founder of Pivotal Act, an initiative focused on helping nonprofits design and build technology. Outside of work, Aly is either in the studio making art or hiking in the mountains.
Gill Bennet
Programme Manager
Born and raised in Queensland, Australia Gill has lived and worked for the last 10 years in the UK. Having worked in two of the biggest media organisations in the world across the web, apps, and back-end technology, she has worked on some of the biggest projects today that have reached over 35+ million people around the world. Through her own personal journey with mental health and leading teams without authority, Gill has brought her years of experience and knowledge to help and guide others.