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The modern IT landscape is filled with secrets: certificates, cryptocurrency wallets, SQL connection strings, storage account keys, passwords, and encryption keys. No matter what your role, managing these secrets can be a high-stakes headache. Getting a handle on secrets management is a top challenge. Too often, enterprises don’t even know when secrets are compromised. In fact, 80% of data breaches are caused by silly mistakes by those responsible for managing secrets.

Knowing where secrets are kept in the company is critical – and sometimes easier said than done. Companies typically manage secrets by storing them as plain text within the source code or separately in configuration files. There is also the fragmentation issue. For example, do employees have private keys and connection managers? Are secrets being passed through emails or dumped on a server? Or maybe everything is encrypted, but scattered. This webinar will explore ways for organizations to better store, manage, and protect their secrets and ultimately, their data.

  • Learn specific ways for organizations to better store, manage, and protect their secrets
  • Understand how to separate data from the secrets/keys that protect this data
  • Learn the “secrets,” encrypting keys at rest and protecting IoT devices deployed in the field
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    Mark Cooper
    Mark B. Cooper, president and founder of PKI Solutions, is known as “The PKI Guy” since his early days at Microsoft. He has deep knowledge and experience in all things Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI Solutions Inc. provides consulting, training — including online training — and implements software solutions for Microsoft PKI and related technologies at enterprises, many of them Fortune 500 companies. PKI Solutions has led hundreds of PKI trainings, including private trainings, across the country and around the world. Cooper is an avid proponent of the SHAKEN/STIR global standard to end robocalls, that uses authentication and PKI to verify callers’ identities. Prior to founding PKI Solutions, Cooper was a senior engineer at Microsoft, where he was a PKI and identity management subject matter expert who designed, implemented, and supported Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) environments for Microsoft’s largest customers.