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Energy storage is proliferating across the electric grid at a rapid pace, on both sides of the meter. Storage can provide value in numerous applications and use cases are growing quickly, especially as more renewable generation enters the grid.

This four-hour course will help you understand the critical elements related to energy storage – with a focus on batteries - including the technologies, business models and regulatory issues. It will discuss how storage is critical to the future evolution of the grid, and how batteries interact with wholesale markets, distribution utilities, and end users.

Who Should Attend

The same energy professionals who have attended storage workshops at conferences across the country:

Utility employees, staff of renewables companies, investors, public advocates, regulatory staff, lawyers – in short, everybody in the electric energy industry who wishes they understood more about the potential for energy storage across the electric grid.
  • Understand the growth of energy storage to date
  • Evaluate different storage technologies, and cost and performance issues related to each technology or chemistry
  • Review various applications on the grid, including peak demand management, wholesale market opportunities, renewables firming and hybrid generation, and transmission and distribution infrastructure deferrals
  • Look at critical lithium ion technologies and concerns related to cost curves, supply chain efficiencies, and potentially constraints related to lithium, nickel and cobalt
  • Understand the key regulatory conversations taking place, and the implications of various potential outcomes
  • Evaluate prospects for growth with an emphasis on batteries
  • Look at various use cases in the U.S. and other markets
  • Discuss safety and cyber-security issues specifically related to the emerging energy storage ecosystem
Peter Kelly-Detwiler
Principal: PKD Energy, LLC
Peter Kelly-Detwiler (PKD) is a former SVP of Constellation Energy, a long-time veteran of retail power markets (he rendered the first invoice in the industry!), and an early pioneer in the field of demand response.

He’s also one of the leading industry trainers and story-tellers. PKD is currently writing a 350-page book on the transformation of the electricity sector, has authored over 300 posts for and other on-line publications , and frequently moderates and keynotes at events across the United States (virtually or in-person). He also produces a video on the top energy stories of the week.

What Professionals Have to Say:

One of the best researchers/writers in the energy world @PKayDee handles that role well. I’m pretty sure I took 8 pages of notes just from a 15-minute conversation with him. John Buhl, Account Director, Silverline Communications

“I’ve written this in the past, but again for those in the back, if you are intested in the energy transition, @PKayDee is a must. Rapid assessment and trend identification. Deep background gives clear context. No funding bias. As close to ‘analysis as truth” as I’ve seen.’ Matthew Weatherly White, Managing Director, Caprock Group

“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. As a new person in this industry, it was my honor to be in the midst of so much talent and knowledge, and I soaked up as much information as I could.” Asia Ellington, Consultant at Enervision

“Indeed, the class was a great introduction to ‘what's next’ in the power industry and helped me better organize my own thoughts on how the market is evolving in the context of retail energy. Camden Holland, Energy Analyst at DNV GL - Energy

“I was extremely impressed by your presentation, and as I stated at the lunch, it was the most interesting conference presentation I have heard in my 30 years in the industry.” Jim Salmon, Vice President, Utility Relations, Holland Power Services

"I have never learned so much in a 3.5 hour time frame in my entire life! And I was so absorbed I didn't even notice we hadn't stopped for a break." Director, Natural Gas and Renewables for a leading provider of global market intelligence to hedge funds and institutional investors

“Hi Peter, I was lucky to catch your Power Markets talk and loved it. Might be the most useful information I have learned at a conference.” Competition Manager at 76West Clean Energy Business Competition
“Industry knowledge that is hard to come by anywhere else.” Portfolio Management Analyst, Enel Green Power