Many investment gurus out there are teaching that real estate is a overnight path to riches! Our experience is that while real estate is likely the best vehicle for building long term wealth, it takes time and effort to make that happen :-)

Join Brian Fine from your Coast 2 Coast Turnkey team for a call on the tried and true path to building your passive wealth through real estate investing; including how long it really takes, the steps you need to get there, and what to expect each year
  • How long does it REALLY take to get passive wealth in real estate?
  • What steps need to be taken to build you wealth to be passive
  • What should you expect each year during your wealth journey
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    Brian Fine
    Real Estate Investor
    Brian started investing in real estate with his wife, Laura, in 2012. In just a few years they had fixed and flipped over 100 retail homes. Then in 2019, they partnered with three other genius investors to build a massive portfolio of cash flowing rentals. Today, he owns and manages well over 500 rental units & helps other investors to build their own passive wealth portfolios through turnkey services.