Join expert investor Brian Fine for a call on mistakes investors make when building their rental portfolio. Attendees of the live call will also receive a download of our property analysis spreadsheet
  • How shady sellers misrepresent their deals with questionable math
  • Unethical claims we are seeing from lenders
  • Get the exact system we use to evaluate every property we purchase (download live on the call)
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    Brian Fine
    Real Estate Investor
    Brian & his wife, Laura, has been investing in real estate since 2012. They completed over 100 single family transactions before changing their focus to passive income through rentals. They reside and invest in Pittsburgh, PA
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    Andrea Lane
    Real Estate Investor
    Andrea started investing in real estate in 1977. Her company has completed more than 15 flips and has invested in more than 100 passive income properties. Today she and her partners are focusing on multiplying their passive income in the Pittsburgh market.