While rental assets are a clear winner as far as investment vehicles for long term wealth, knowing what a good deal looks like in the current market is critical to your success! Join Brian Fine from the Coast 2 Coast Turnkey team for a call on how we are underwriting phenomenal rental assets today.
  • What does a Great Rental Deal look like
  • How do your lenders evaluate your proposed acquisitions
  • What mistakes do you need to watch out for when evaluating deals?
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    Brian Fine
    Real Estate Investor
    Brian started investing in real estate with his wife, Laura, in 2012. In just a few years they had fixed and flipped over 100 retail homes. Then in 2019, they partnered with three other genius investors to build a massive portfolio of cash flowing rentals. Today, he owns and manages well over 500 rental units & helps other investors to build their own passive wealth portfolios through turnkey services.