About this Webinar
This webinar will spotlight laser qualification and control. We will explain and demonstrate in live how to perform a complete and single shot laser beam qualification. After qualification of the laser beam we will use a deformable mirror and Phasics adaptive optics software to control and correct the wavefront aberrations and thus optimize the laser point spread function (PSF).
  • Phasics solution for laser testing and adaptive optics
  • Demo 1: single shot complete laser qualification
  • Demo 2: laser control with adaptive optics software and deformable mirror
  • Questions and Answers
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    Nolan Chan
    Nolan is part of Phasics SA’s sales team. Based in the French Headquarters since his entry at Phasics in 2016, he’s been collaborating with partners and customers all over the world, with a particular Focus on Europe and Eastern Asia.
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    Yu Lu
    Yu Lu works at Phasics headquarter in France. He joined the team in 2017, after his PhD in electronics from University of Rennes 1 and 4-years sales in fiber optics and telecommunications. His work focus particularly on the Chinese market and Western Europe.