About this Webinar
This webinar will spotlight laser qualification and control. We will explain and demonstrate in live how to perform a complete and single shot laser beam qualification. After qualification of the laser beam we will use a deformable mirror and Phasics adaptive optics software to control and correct the wavefront aberrations and thus optimize the laser point spread function (PSF).
  • Phasics solution for laser testing and adaptive optics
  • Demo 1: single shot complete laser qualification
  • Demo 2: laser control with adaptive optics software and deformable mirror
  • Questions and Answers
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    Yoann Priol
    Yoann is Phasics Corporation sales manager. He has been part of Phasics since 2011, first based in France and working with Europeans and Japaneses customers in 2013 he decided to move to the US and help establish Phasics Corporation.
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    Valentin Genuer
    Valentin is an optical engineer and holds a PhD in photonics from Grenoble-Alpes University and CEA-LETI. He joined Phasics as a business developer in 2018 to spread Phasics’ expertise in wavefront measurement and analysis, strengthen clients relationship and explore new market opportunities.