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About this Webinar
Our second Energy Encounter will bring together some key players in the world of PV. We'll discuss the role of PV in different energy scenarios and the growth potential that is still untouched today. We'll combine short presentations with a debate bringing together the entire industrial ecosystem of PV in Flanders/Belgium. We hope you join the conversation!
  • 13.00h: Welcome by Federal Minister of Energy Van der Straeten
  • 13.05h: PV in the recent EnergyVille-scenario for Belgium – Frank Meinke-Hubeny, VITO/EnergyVille
  • 13.30h: Current technical status of PV, and challenges of tomorrow - Eszter Voroshazi, imec/EnergyVille
  • 1. Integration of PV in an Urban context
  • 2. PV module performance, integration and sustainability
  • 3. PV system design, installation and O&M
  • 4. PV ecolabel, ecodesign initiatives
  • 13.55h: Industrial eco-system in Flanders/Belgium
  • • Dirk Vanevercooren, ODE
  • • Stefan Dewallef, Soltech
  • • Geert Palmers, 3E
  • • Jan Clyncke, PVCycle
  • • Pieterjan Renier, VREG
  • 14.15h: Panel discussion
  • 14:55h: Conclusions
  • C
    Frank Meinke-Hubeny
  • M
    Eszter Voroshazi
  • T
    Dirk Vanevercooren
  • D
    Stefan Dewallef
  • A
    Geert Palmers
  • H
    Jan Clyncke
  • A
    Pieterjan Renier
  • D
    Luc Pauwels