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About this Webinar
Offshore wind is the third subject of our Energy Encounters. We bring together key players to examine what is possible in Belgium and what the challenges are that companies face for large-scale offshore wind deployment. During the debate, we will also discuss drivers and opportunities, as well as examine the question how policy can accelerate the deployment of offshore wind.
  • 13.00h: Welcome by Federal Minister of Energy Van der Straeten
  • 13.05h: Offshore in the recent EnergyVille scenario for Belgium – Frank Meinke-Hubeny, VITO/EnergyVille
  • 13.15h: Belgian perspective - What is possible in Belgian waters? - Ann Overmeire, Blauwe Cluster
  • 13.40h: Brief presentation of some companies and the challenges in their field for large-scale offshore wind deployment
  • • Markus Berger, elia
  • • Nathalie Oosterlinck, DEME
  • • Christophe Dhaene, Belgian Offshore Cluster
  • • Hans Leerdam, Engie
  • • François Van Leeuw – Parkwind
  • • Thierry Aelens - Norther
  • 13.50h: Panel discussion: Biggest challenges for PV in Belgian setting? Opportunities for Belgian actors in the sectors? How policies can accelerate the change and support the local actors?
  • 14.45h: Conclusions
  • M
    Tinne Van der Straeten
  • C
    Frank Meinke-Hubeny
  • T
    Ann Overmeire
  • M
    Markus Berger
  • D
    Nathalie Oosterlinck
  • A
    Christophe Dhaene
  • H
    Hans Leerdam
  • D
    François Van Leeuw
  • R
    Thierry Aelens