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About this Webinar
We close our Energy Encounters with a session on gas. After discussing the role of gas in the recent EnergyVille scenarios, we invite some speakers to explore the Belgian perspective on gas and to discuss the challenges and opportunities their companies have experienced for the widespread deployment of gas.
  • 13.00h: Welcome by Federal Minister of Energy Van der Straeten
  • 13.05h: Gas in the recent EnergyVille scenario for Belgium – Pieter Vingerhoets
  • 13.15h: Belgian perspective: Fluxys - Yves Vercammen
  • 13.40h: Brief presentation of some companies and the challenges they face when it comes to gas deployment
  • • Yves Vercammen, Fluxys
  • • Daniel Marenne, Engie
  • • Floris Mackor, Air Liquide
  • • Peter Koninckx, Siemens Energy
  • • Xylowatt
  • 13.50h: Panel discussion
  • 14:45h: Conclusions
  • D
    Tinne Van der Straeten
  • C
    Pieter Vingerhoets
  • T
    Yves Vercammen
  • D
    Daniel Marenne
  • A
    Floris Mackor
  • A
    Peter Koninckx