About this Webinar
What’s the difference between teaching our students and teaching our autistic students? Not much. In this revealing webinar, author-educator Amanda Yuill will explore strategies that may have been designed for autistic students that can be used to teach all students. You’ll discover how autistic strengths, skills, talents, and interests can aid in learning for the whole class. Amanda will offer ideas for lesson planning, as well as communication, emotional support, and staying safe. Every child can learn. When you know each student as an individual, learning for all increases and improves — and Amanda will help you get there.
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    Amanda Yuill
    Based in Toronto, Amanda Yuill, M.Ed., has extensive experience as an elementary and junior high-school teacher in Japan and Canada. Specializing in teacher training, Amanda is an enthusiastic and compelling speaker, who is passionate about substitute teaching as a way to explore all aspects of education. Amanda’s first book, Substitute Teaching, won the 2017 Writer’s Award from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. Amanda speaks at conferences and presents workshops in Boards of Education and teachers’ colleges, and has spoken in England, Japan, and Canada on issues such as identity, boundaries, and forgiveness.