About this Webinar
In this comprehensive webinar, educator David Costello will explore methods for teaching math that will help students to better understand, retain, and apply key math concepts. He will offer useful instructional strategies to expand formative assessment and rethink testing, reviewing, homework, and the year’s plan. You’ll be able to strengthen your instruction and take your students beyond doing well on assignments and tests to deeper, long-term learning that will last a lifetime.
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    David Costello
    Dr. David Costello is an author and professional learning facilitator who focuses on mathematics instruction and learning. A classroom teacher and administrator based in Prince Edward Island, David has supported teachers in many roles including as a numeracy interventionist, numeracy coach, numeracy leader, and curriculum consultant. A popular speaker at conferences, David has also instructed numerous university courses on curriculum, differentiation, mathematics, and literacy. David is committed to transforming math instruction and creating more meaningful learning experiences for teachers and students.