About This Webinar
Join four experienced educators as they share techniques for supporting and inspiring students. Terry Campbell shows teachers how to make talking and listening the springboard for lively, active learning. Anne Elliott explores reading and writing instruction that goes beyond the skills and ignites the will for young readers and writers. Larry Swartz looks into the best children’s books to use to discuss the toughest topics that students face today. Kathy Lundy inspires teaching fairly in an unfair world by encouraging critical thinking around equity and social justice.

Committed to embracing the power of oral language, Terry Campbell’s Literacy Out Loud recognizes the important role "talk" plays in developing the reading and writing abilities that students need in school and beyond.

Anne Elliott is the co-author of Cultivating Readers and Cultivating Writers, a pair of resources dedicated to helping students discover their joy and passion for reading and writing, and making a space for literacy in their lives.

Teaching Tough Topics, Larry Swartz’ latest, illustrates how children’s literature can help open discussion and build deeper understanding of challenging, sensitive topics in the classroom.

Kathy Lundy uses inventive language exploration and active learning to help students connect to social justice issues and develop a richer understanding in Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World. In her previous book, Stand Up and Teach, she provides an honest look at the complexities of teaching and creating a classroom that really works.
Dr. Terry Anne Campbell
Dr. Terry Anne Campbell is a professor in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University. A storyteller and elementary teacher before joining the department of teacher education at Nipissing, Terry’s work centres on the theory and practice of reading, writing, and talk. Terry has travelled and published widely, presenting workshops and papers on her chief area of interest and expertise: classroom practices that effectively support students as engaged literacy learners.
Anne Elliott
Anne Elliott earned an M. Ed from the University of Western Ontario. A teacher of all grades from kindergarten to Grade 8, Anne also shared her passion and knowledge with teachers as a literacy learning coordinator, literacy coach, and librarian. The author of teacher resources and school-board documents, her proven commitment to literacy education is reflected in her popular speaking engagements throughout North America.
Larry Swartz
Larry Swartz is a literacy and drama instructor at OISE–University of Toronto. Larry has worked in classrooms, as a consultant, and workshop presenter. He has been involved with teachers throughout North America, with groups of teachers in China and New Zealand, and with Queen Noor’s Literacy Initiative in Jordan. Larry is committed to helping teachers use quality children’s literature across the curriculum to inspire students to read, read, read.
Kathleen Gould Lundy
Kathleen Gould Lundy is a teacher, consultant, popular speaker, and education leader. Kathy is committed to inventive, inclusive teaching that impacts student achievement. The author of many books for teachers, she is involved in the development of curriculum documents and videos on many aspects of learning. She teaches in the faculty of education at York University, the Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Music, and OISE–University of Toronto.