The space economy is reaching a pivotal moment in its history with investors forever searching for new prosperous investment opportunities.

In this webinar, you get exclusive insights into the frontiers of investments within the space economy. You will understand and navigate through the common misconceptions regarding space investments as well as some of the considerations made when approaching space investments.

Join this panel to gain insights from global private equity executives from firms such as PJT Partners, NewSpace Capital, and Swisscanto as well as pioneering innovators within the industry such as ICEYE. Tune in to grasp their exclusive details of a rarely discussed sector within private investments, and learn what is in store for the space economy in the future.
  • How the space economy is more than just launches and rockets
  • The risk profiles with space investments
  • What limited partners learned from the internet evolution that can be utilized when investing in space?
  • How PE can get involved with the space economy that is estimated to hit $1 trillion by 2040
  • Q&A
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    James Murray
    Partner @ PJT Partners
    James Murray is a Partner with PJT Partners, a global, independent investment bank. Actively involved in the aerospace, technology, and communications industries for over twenty-five years, Jim has had the opportunity to work with dozens of firms ranging from early-stage, pre-revenue startups to the largest and most profitable companies in the space sector. Recent notable transactions by the PJT team include the sales of Inmarsat and Orbcomm to private equity, the ongoing restructuring of Intelsat’s balance sheet, the refinancing of Aireon’s term loan, the SPAC mergers of Astra and BlackSky, and the Series B private placement for Kymeta. Jim lives with his family in Chicago but splits his time between PJT’s San Francisco and New York offices. Jim sits on a number of non-profit boards, including that of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.
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    Nils Granath
    Investment Director @ Swisscanto Private Equity
    Nils is Investment Director at Swisscanto Private Equity, which invests into technology growth companies in the expansion phase. He has over 14 years of track record in direct investments and has successfully initiated, grown and exited disruptive businesses; ranging from start-ups to over US$150+ million in turnover. Nils holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University and ENSAM in Paris as well as an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.
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    Rafal Modrzewski
    CEO & Co-founder @ ICEYE
    Rafal Modrzewski is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of ICEYE. ICEYE is launching and operating a constellation of small radar imaging satellites, providing access to timely and reliable Earth observation data. ICEYE is the first company that has successfully miniaturized a SAR satellite, making it possible to launch more units to reliably image any location on Earth, every few hours, every day. With its growing SAR satellite constellation, ICEYE offers its partners a set of unprecedented satellite imaging capabilities, accessing any area of interest faster, more frequently, and at a lower cost.

    Since co-founding the project in 2012, which became the company in 2014, with Pekka Laurila, Modrzewski is responsible for overseeing the organization’s growth and implementing ICEYE’s overall vision. Modrzewski brings with him deep domain expertise in SAR engineering, and he has received the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 Technology award based on the world-first achievements of ICEYE.
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    Bogdan Gogulan
    Managing Partner @ NewSpace Capital
    Bogdan Gogulan has 20 years of experience in finance, product and business development and brings together at NewSpace a leading team of experts and advisors who worked together for many years in all facets of the space industry. Before initiating NewSpace Capital he served as VP of international operations and business development for AT Communication, a global integrated solutions provider and manufacturer of products and systems for the commercial, defence and security markets and worked at American Express and Deutsche Bank. Throughout his career, Bogdan has been actively involved with the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) participating as an OYW Ambassador in the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ initiative.