The COVID-19 crisis has been accelerating change we already knew we needed to make in healthcare. Over the last couple of months we have seen a number of themes play out at unprecedented pace: shift to telemedicine and telehealth, remote clinical trials, shortened lab-to-market timelines for vaccines and drugs. Recent developments are likely to have a lasting impact on healthcare as a sector, and all the supporting infrastructure around it. What will this mean for Private Equity Investors and how are they thinking about value creation given the current disruption in the marketplace?
As part of this webinar we will look to explore what are some of the opportunities that are emerging for PE in healthcare, looking at the different segments where PE plays (e.g. services providers/CROs, pharma/ biotech companies, providers etc. ) and the implications and opportunities for each area.
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    Marc Benatar
    Partner @ Apax Partners
    Marc Benatar joined Apax Partners in 2019 within the Healthcare sector team.

    He worked for 10 years in business development at General Electric, essentially in the GE Healthcare division. He covered diagnostic imaging, hospital and pharmaceutical industry services, research instrumentation and business-specific software. He carried out a dozen acquisition transactions across Europe. Marc then occupied several positions in private equity over the next 12 years. He spent eight years at 3i in London, then in Paris, in the Healthcare team. In particular, he supported Vedici, a French leader in private hospitalisation, and Q Holding, a US subcontractor of silicon-based components for the medical industry.
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    Hoda Abou-Jamra
    Founding Partner @ TVM Capital Healthcare
    Hoda Abou-Jamra has forged a successful investment career globally, ignited by her experience in U.S. and European pharma and life science business development, as well as fundraising for U.S. and European life science investment firms. She was the driving force behind the establishment of the TVM Capital Healthcare as a globally active healthcare investor with a focus on emerging markets from 2007 onwards. Hoda Abou-Jamra is spearheading the firm’s expansion into Southeast Asia.
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    Neel Patel
    Senior Managing Director @ Syneos Health Consulting
    Neel Patel is a Senior Managing Director with Syneos Health Consulting and leads the Portfolio Strategy and Transactions vertical. Neel has over 20 years of consulting and deals experience advising companies primarily focused in life sciences and healthcare. He has a broad network in the life sciences private equity community, management consulting and corporate development.
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    “At Syneos Health Consulting, we are a global healthcare company that provides exceptional advice to the investment community, not a consulting firm that happens to do healthcare. We are uniquely positioned to bring into sharp focus the issues that matter most to investors through the breadth and depth of our network, and access to the expertise that the wider Syneos Health organization offers. Our ability to bring multiple disciplines together – revealing the right insights – enables us to be true partners throughout the investment lifecycle, from origination through to deal execution and value optimization.”