Since COVID-19 hit the market, private equity firms have seen the valuation of their portfolio diminish substantially, thereby, lowering the potential returns to their investors. Firms have been forced to take proactive actions in order to not only withstand the financial impact, but also the ESG associated questions this pandemic has brought a long with it, how do private equity firms keep their ESG profile when their returns are being put in danger? In this webinar, we will hear how some of the leading private equity firms have approach their ESG responsibility, what actions they have taken? And the results of those actions.

The webinar will also offer the view of a limited partner what has their reaction been? Have their prioritizations changed? The discussion will focus especially on supply chain management, employee engagement and the reactions there have been from the limited partners in relation to COVID-19.
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    Silva Deželan
    ESG Director @ Stafford Capital Partners
    Silva Dezelan is Stafford’s ESG Director.
    Prior to joining Stafford Silva worked for Robeco where she was responsible for ESG integration and the implementation of ESG engagement across different private equity programs.
    Before this role Silva oversaw the Responsible Investing Program at Rabobank Sustainability Directorate and held a position of a fund analyst at Rabobank Private Banking. She started her career in responsible investing as an SRI analyst at the Institute for Investment Services Research in 2007. Prior to that, Silva was an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.
    Silva is a member of the PRI’s Private Equity Advisory Committee and holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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    Cornelia Gomez
    Head of ESG and Sustainability @ PAI Partners
    Cornelia is Head of ESG and Sustainability at PAI Partners.
    She is a Sustainability expert and key intermediary between Investors, Deal Teams and portfolio companies. With her team, she embeds ESG in PAI’s investment processes, such as due diligence, portfolio monitoring and reporting. Their goal is portfolio value creation through the build-up or reinforcement of CSR strategies. As such, Cornelia is part of PAI’s Performance Group (PPG), a team of senior functional experts who support PAI portfolio companies in their transformation.
    Cornelia has 10 years of experience in CSR strategy, Ethical & Environmental Compliance and Supply Chain Risk Management in both corporate and certification environments in Europe as well as in Asia.
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    Andrea Davis
    Managing Director @ Investcorp
    Andrea joined Investcorp in 2014 and leads the post acquisition team, responsible for delivering on the acquisition investment objectives within the portfolio. Andrea sits on the Investcorp European private equity committee and also the boards of Abax, Georg Jensen, Corneliani, Dainese, Kee Safety, SPGPrints and POC. Prior to Investcorp, Andrea held the role of CFO at TDX Group, a former Investcorp portfolio company that was exited in January 2014. Before this, Andrea was CEO, EMEA at Fellowes, a privately owned US manufacturing company. Earlier roles include the CFO at Willett International (a global print technology company), Head of Corporate Strategy for BAA and various positions at Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse and JP Morgan. Andrea received a B.Sc. in Electronics and an MBA from London Business School
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    Jason R. Sotero
    CEO @ PE Insights
    Prior to joining PE Insights, Jason’s career began in a venture backed
    startup which later exited for $8 billion, and eventually moved into
    management consulting where he worked along the largest PE funds in
    Brazil and the United States.