All married couples want to enjoy their marriages and feel passionate about their spouses. Spouses want to say "I'm not just committed to my spouse and my marriage because I made a vow years ago or because of the children" as important as both of these are. Spouses also want to be committed because they enjoy their marriage.

Enjoying our marriage is based on our behaviour. We behave our way into a healthy marriage. Mature love means that we both act lovingly even when we don't feel loving and loving feelings grow as a result of our loving actions. What are the things we need to be doing daily or consistently to make our spouse feel loved and respected every day? How do we start to create an environment where both spouses feel loved? This webinar will address these questions.
  • The origin of relationships
  • We are broken
  • The impact of brokenness
  • 3 levels of commitment
  • Our culture of love
Petreece Cuffie
Founding Partner - Counselling and Interpersonal Services
Founding Partner and Counsellor at Petreece Cuffie and Associates
Petreece has over 25 years of counselling experience. She has counselled hundreds of couples and is the author of two books.
Huey Cuffie
Partner - Consulting and Organisational Services
Partner, Petreece Cuffie and Associates - Consulting and Organisational Services
Huey is a leadership and strategy consultant. He also works closely with his wife Petreece, to deliver training workshops for building healthy marriages.
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