Adversaries operate in stealth, disguising their activities using reliable elements that are already present in your environment. Even while they don't always install anything concrete, like malware, they always leave a behavioral trace.

Trellix EDR facilitates prompt and precise event response and can thwart an assault before it escalates into a breach. Join us as our experts Gowtham and Swathymon present a detailed overview on how EDR works on Linux Platform and also will have best practices for EDR Linux and practical demo explaining EDR Features and EDR Event Management.

What to Expect:
• Live demo of EDR features and event management

Why Attend?
• It's a quick way to level up your cybersecurity game as we break down EDR on Linux, sharing best practices and real-world demos from our experts Gowtham and Swathymon

Bonus - (ISC)² CPE Credits:
We've teamed up with (ISC)²! Members earn 1 CPE credit per live session attendance.
Gowtham Jeyaraj
Customer Success Engineer
Gowtham Jeyaraj is a seasoned Customer Success Engineer at Trellix, bringing extensive expertise in Linux, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu, to his role. He also possesses strong skills in Mac OS and Windows platforms. Gowtham delivers comprehensive support for all Trellix Endpoint products across the Global Linux & Mac team.
Swathymon VS
Customer Success Engineer
Swathymon is Customer Success Engineer at Trellix and has in-depth knowledge on Linux /Unix, Kernel Core Analysis, Bash Scripting & Automation, Process & service management/creation and has in-depth knowledge in AWS & Azure, Networking. Swathymon is currently supporting all the Endpoint products for the Global Linux & Mac team.
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