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Do you know exactly what sensitive data your organization has, and where it resides? Are you losing intellectual property, financial data, customer information and more, without even knowing it, possibly right now? Such data loss is not necessarily the work of hackers; your employees also leak data, inadvertently or intentionally. Trellix offers a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that protects against external and internal threats and helps maintain compliance with various regulatory frameworks. Join us as we provide guidance on how to deploy the Data Loss Prevention Endpoint product on the Windows platforms for the first time. We'll also provide information on how to best upgrade existing Data Loss Prevention clients to the latest version available. After attending this webinar, you will be able to deploy or upgrade Data loss prevention endpoint without any difficulty in Windows environments of any size.
Lakshman Kumar
Senior Customer Success Engineer
Lakshman is a Senior customer success engineer. Lakshman has nearly 6 years of experience in Data loss prevention and encryption at Trellix.
Sarathi A
Senior Customer Success Engineer
Sarathi is also a Senior customer success engineer. Sarathi has over 6 years of experience in Data loss prevention and encryption at Trellix.
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