At Oxylabs, we believe that public data should be available to everyone, as the name already suggests. However, every website can claim whatever they want on its terms of service. Meanwhile, companies that base their business on public data gathering feel that they are at constant risk of having fight for public information.

And yet, not many dare to speak about the legal matters of web scraping. It is time to change it.

Oxylabs has gathered a panel of lawyers, business professionals from various fields, including big data aggregation, and company founders to talk about urgent matters that affect every company that runs web scraping operations.

Our webinar has limited spaces, so if you would like to learn about web scraping from a legal perspective, book your seat now.
  • Learn about the differences in laws that affect web scraping in the US and Europe
  • Find out what to do if you receive a cease and desist letter
  • Learn what makes data private, and when it is considered public
  • Get familiar with incoming regulations and court decisions that are relevant to the web scraping community

Details About the Webinar

Thu, Mar 4, 2021 · 6:00 PM Vilnius (GMT 2:00)
Cost: Free
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Please note: The views expressed by speakers or the moderator are those of the speaker or moderator and not, necessarily, of Oxylabs or other respective organizations. Before engaging in scraping activities of any kind, you should consult your legal advisors.

About the Speakers

1612439497-e53567cb0eac5b2e Denas Grybauskas
Legal Counsel at Oxylabs
Denas has been working as a legal counsel at Oxylabs for nearly three years. His main responsibilities involve overseeing legal compliance of Oxylabs products and services, managing legal contracts, and contract automation. Denas’ legal expertise covers the fields of big data, web scraping, product compliance, and contract law.

1612439589-54122ac775222937 Allen O’Neil
Founder and CTO at DataWorks
Allen is the founder and CTO for DataWorks, delivering AI-driven web-data solutions to top tier organizations worldwide. His core focus is designing innovative technology solutions at scale, and his primary background is in enterprise systems. Allen is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and has also been appointed to the prestigious role of Microsoft Regional Director - an advisory role to senior Microsoft leadership consisting of 200 business and technology leaders worldwide.

1612439717-e9883cd39f8d8698 Bradley Gross
Founding Partner at Law Office of Bradley Gross
Bradley is the founding partner of the Law Office of Bradley Gross, a business technology law firm. He has extensive experience in the technology industry as a programmer, a prosecutor of high-tech crimes, as well as in private practice, representing technology companies across the US.

1612439835-02b8c597bb8a54c3 Mindaugas Civilka
Partner at TGS Baltic
Mindaugas advises clients on a wide range of most difficult personal data and privacy protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property, commercial and contractual issues, leads most important GDPR, software licensing and cloud services, IT-related projects, and represents the clients in data protection authorities, institutions, and courts.

1612439941-ef3a5e0a79d2015b Sanaea Daruwalla
Head of Legal and Compliance at Zyte
Sanaea is the General Counsel at Zyte, formerly Scrapinghub, and is one of the leading experts on web data extraction laws. At Zyte, she focuses on creating policies and best practices around web data extraction. Her role involves ensuring compliance on all data extraction projects, working closely with the product team to maintain compliance throughout the development process, and working with external organizations on setting data extraction best practice standards.

1612440048-43b2761ee706453d Steven Callahan
Founding Partner at CCRG
Steven Callahan is a Partner at Charhon Callahan Robson & Garza, PLLC, a litigation boutique based in Dallas, Texas. He litigates complex commercial and intellectual property cases. He has represented large corporations in significant intellectual property and business disputes, including Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries (McLane Company and MBM Corp.), Ericsson, Samsung, OpenTable, Cloudflare, and VTech.