SEO monitoring might seem complex at first sight, but when executed correctly, it can unlock incredible insights and foster substantial growth for your website. At the heart of any robust SEO strategy lies the ability to track your site's visibility, rankings, and brand strength on search engines. If this sounds daunting or you're unsure where to begin, fear not — we've got you covered.

On May 29th, Oxylabs hosted a webinar where Žydrūnas Tamašauskas, CTO at Oxylabs, revealed the techniques needed to tackle the main challenges of building an SEO monitoring system. Join this webinar to learn:

➡️ How to build a cost-effective and scalable SEO monitoring solution;
➡️ The core elements of an efficient SEO monitoring system architecture;
➡️ How to enhance your company’s decision-making with SEO data-driven insights.

In the demo part, Žydrūnas showcased how to build an SEO monitoring system using Python, Celery, and SERP Scraper API. For your convenience, Žydrūnas has provided code samples of his presentation:
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    Žydrūnas Tamašauskas
    CTO @ Oxylabs
    Žydrūnas is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in software engineering, IT systems architecture, technical team management, and project management. He has a wealth of knowledge in implementing big data and AI/ML platform solutions using both private and public clouds. In addition, he is proficient in full-stack development approaches through languages such as Python and PHP, as well as systems design using Java, Scala, and Go.

    Žydrūnas is also a well-rounded individual with expertise in developer experience (DX) and developer marketing (DM) fields, providing businesses with the necessary tools to surpass technology, innovation, and talent growth boundaries.