About this Webinar
We know that your journey in life is unique, much like your decision about when you want to grow your family. ORM Fertility is committed to helping you grow your family on your terms and in your time.

During this webinar, Dr. Jamie Massie will walk you through the egg freezing process, the importance of fertility preservation, and why egg freezing could be a great option for you.

She will be available to answer any questions and help ensure you are empowered with the information you need to make a decision that is right for you.
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    Dr. Jamie Massie
    Jamie Massie, MD, is a board-certified OBGYN and reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at ORM Fertility’s Bellevue, WA clinic.

    “I love being part of the journey of people building their families. For patients to be successful, they need a strong relationship with their medical team as much as they need cutting-edge science.”

    Read Dr. Massie's Full Bio: http://bit.ly/DrMassieBio