Your organization has tons of valuable information scattered across tools. There are growth, insights and actionables hidden everywhere. Imagine if everyone in your organization has access to unlock this data instantly.

With the help of AI, this is now possible.

Insights have become a “self-service” function, skyrocketing productivity.

Join Tariq Rauf, Founder of Qatalog, as he shows you how enterprises are safely installing AI-powered solutions to deliver insights to every person across an organization, exactly when they need them.
  • Why the "ask-wait-answer" insights service model is crippling commercial teams
  • How AI is enabling “self-service insights”
  • The effects sales teams are experiencing since transitioning
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    Tariq Rauf
    Founder & CEO @ Qatalog
    Tariq is the founder and CEO of Qatalog. Tariq has worked for startups, scale-ups, and large tech companies such as Wise and Amazon. In 2019, he left Amazon to found Qatalog. While he is an architect by training and has worked on multiple prestigious global projects, his first passion was always software; he began coding at the age of 6 and started a software consultancy at the age of 16.
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    Adrian McGreevy
    VP Commercial @ Qatalog
    Adrian brings deep knowledge of working in the technology industry, in large multinationals and start-up environments. He is an accomplished leader with over two decades of global experience and a track record of driving significant growth, customer value, efficiency and profitability via motivational leadership, astute strategy development and robust operational management, across multiple disciplines and regions.