Whether your business is growing or your team is already in place, there are always two key considerations at the front of a business leader's mind when it concerns IT:

1. Productivity
2. Mitigating security risks

Giving the team access to the device and allocated applications they need to perform is one thing, ensuring they access them compliantly is another.

In a world migrating to remote and hybrid working, protecting the device itself is the most important thing to protect.

This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) steps in.

The best businesses implement an MDM to control their devices, ensure secure and compliant usage and seamlessly deploy new applications and updates to ensure maximum productivity.

Join this webinar to learn why this affordable solution is becoming a common feature in the best businesses to work for.
  • What is mobile device management?
  • What are the key benefits of its implementation?
  • How can it be implemented and professionally managed in a business?
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    Julian Lübke
    Co-founder and CEO (Business) @ deeploi
    Sales, Marketing, IT Operations, People, Finance, Business Development

    - More than 8 years of experience in scaling start-ups
    - COO @ McMakler; scaled from 1-1200 employees and 0€ to 92M€ revenue
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    Philipp Hoffman
    Co-Founder and CPO (Product & Tech) @ deeploi
    Product, Engineering, Data, Design & Domain Expert

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    - Self-taught product-and-engineering expert
    - Founder & MD @ biscuit