This session is designed for data professionals who have strong reliability needs for their data pipelines but would like to maintain development speed and agility.

Discover in a hands-on session how integrating Y42's intuitive data platform with AutomateDV's cutting-edge data vault automation tool can dramatically improve your data audit capabilities, enhance automation processes, and significantly reduce the time to deliver actionable insights.

Whether you are a data engineer, business analyst, or IT manager, you will gain valuable insights into optimizing your data ecosystem for efficiency, scalability, and compliance. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your data strategy and achieve a competitive edge in the digital age.
  • Overview (Introduction to AutomateDV + Datavault, Introduction to Y42, Putting it together)
  • How AutomateDV works (Macros as DV 2.0 templates, Workflow overview)
  • How Y42 supports Data Vault implementations (Audit, Modelling, Automation (allowing more focus on the business needs), Ingestion from multiple sources (via Airbyte))
  • Demo of Y42 + AutomateDV
  • Closing
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    Rob de Wit
    Developer advocate @ Y42
    Rob de Wit is a passionate proponent of leveraging data to empower individuals and organizations, with a profound belief that technology should serve humanity. With a background in business informatics and extensive hands-on experience spanning various data-related roles, from analyst to data platform engineer, Rob currently thrives in his role at Y42.

    Recognized by friends and colleagues as ambitious, decisive, and result-oriented, Rob's insatiable curiosity is exemplified by his persistent questioning of the status quo with the query "Why?" He values ownership above all else, finding fulfillment in crafting solutions that he can proudly claim as his own. Rob's dream role harmonizes technical expertise with a people-centric approach, where he can foster connections, share knowledge, and harness the power of data to enhance both work and life.
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    Alex Higgs
    Senior Consultant Data Engineer @ Datavault
    Alex Higgs is a seasoned Senior Data Engineer at Datavault, renowned for their leadership as the Lead Developer and Product Manager of AutomateDV (formerly known as dbtvault), a pioneering dbt package offering Data Vault 2.0 compliant templates for swift development and automation of Data Warehouse solutions.

    With a rich background spanning six years, Alex has been instrumental in crafting solutions that propel businesses forward, focusing on orchestration, testing, and security. Their expertise encompasses Python, dbt, Snowflake, CI/CD, and comprehensive testing methodologies, making them a trusted authority in the field of data engineering and management.