The dynamics of the Schengen Zone have evolved significantly. Businesses now face the dual challenge of not only entering the region but also ensuring compliance and lawful operations. The days of standard practices like business trips on tourist visas and waiving the A1 certificate are long gone. Companies today must maintain a myriad of necessary measures to minimise liability risks in the region.

To help businesses navigate these complexities, we've tailored this webinar as part of our 2024 compliance series. It will provide crucial updates and insights into managing immigration risks and compliance within the Schengen Zone.

Led by Asma Bashir, co-founder of Centuro Global and Friederike Ruch, CEO of CONVINUS Global Mobility Solutions, this session will cover:

Key Topics:

90/180 Rule, Stay Limits, and Penalties: Understand the implications of the Schengen Zone's 90-day allowance within 180 days for non-EU travellers. Learn about the latest updates in visa and immigration systems, including the upcoming EES and ETIAS, and their impact on multinational businesses with global mobility programs.

Schengen Visas Overview: With some EU countries experiencing high volumes of visa applications, discover strategies to avoid delays in Schengen visa applications. We'll cover types of visas, requirements, documentation, processing times, permitted business activities, and assessments.

Business Travel and Compliance: Explore how the Schengen Zone may influence business risk assessments, particularly for European and British companies post-Brexit. Gain insights into evolving local policies, legislation, and regulations that could impact your company and employees.

Why Attend?

In today's complex global business and travel landscape, ensuring compliance with national laws and requirements is crucial for companies. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the fundamental frameworks your company must consider when operating across the Schengen Zone.
  • 90/180 Rule, Stay Limits, and Penalties
  • Schengen Visas Overview
  • Business Travel and Compliance
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    Asma Bashir
    Co-founder of Centuro Global
    Asma has worked in the legal services industry for most of her career, having been with multinational law firms before she established her own practice.

    Asma has worked with both multinational clients and SME’s to help them expand into complex regions across the world.
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    Friederike Ruch
    CEO of CONVINUS Global Mobility Solutions
    Ms. Ruch is considered a leading consulting expert for advising internationally active companies in the fields of international assignment and cross-border employment, and possesses over 20 years of experience in this area.