The Home Office has recently updated the employer guidance for right-to-work checks on 8th February 2024. With the new increased penalties of £60,000 for illegal working and the significant changes that impact how companies need to complete compliant right-to-work checks, in this masterclass we will highlight the key factors to consider to help companies remain compliant and avoid penalties. We will provide insight into:

* How to carry out Right to work checks from 13th February 2024
* Advice on reporting illegal working within your organisation
* Supplementary employment definition as per the new guidance
* Internal Audits and what is involved to remain compliant
* preventing illegal working

At the end of the masterclass, we aim to educate attendees about managing their compliance with a focus on:-

* Efficient recruitment practices
* What to include during onboarding and induction of employees
* Ongoing reporting duties
* Continuous training and development
* Technologies that can help ease the burden
  • The headline policy changes which will impact companies
  • Actionable insights companies should take now
  • Interactive Q&A
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    Asma Bashir
    Co-founder of Centuro Global
    Asma has worked in the legal services industry for most of her career, having been with multinational law firms before she established her own practice.

    Asma went on to found Newland Chase, where she worked for 13 years before the firm was eventually acquired by an American corporation. Asma continued within that business to help grow the global brand having established hubs across four continents and expanding the services to global jurisdictions.

    Since departing that business Asma is now the Co Founder of Centuro Global where she helps companies go global through a state-of-the-art technology platform.

    Asma has worked with both multinational clients and SME’s to help them expand into complex regions across the world.