When organizations move their data setup to the cloud, they face a flood of different tools and best practices to choose from.

There is no simple “one-size-fits-all” solution; it is the data team's job to determine the best approach for their organization’s requirements and resources.

Getting it “right” can be difficult, and failing to do so can be costly.

In this webinar, Jeff Skoldberg (Green Mountain Data Solutions) and Jules Cantwell (Y42) share their insights on best practices, tooling, and common pitfalls to enable your team to find the right setup for your specific requirements.
  • Best practices every data team should want to follow
  • 6 key design decisions to consider for your data setup
  • Bonus: Leverage AI to boost productivity safely
  • Self-assessment: Identify fit and bottlenecks in your data setup
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    Jules Cantwell
    Company President @ Y42
    Jules has spent more than 20 years in the technology space, gaining extensive experience at category-leading companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Qualtrics.

    As former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Qualtrics EMEA, Jules brings a particular edge for defining growth and improvement strategies, which will expand the growing startup that is Y42 even further.
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    Jeff Skoldberg
    Founder @ Green Mountain Data Solutions
    Jeff Skoldberg founded Green Mountain Data Solutions in 2018 after spending 12 years as a data analyst at Keurig.

    Green Mountain Data Solutions helps businesses implement a modern data stack for their existing environment and goals. Bringing together data engineering, analytics engineering, data visualization and data science.

    At Keurig, Jeff devoted his career to transforming raw data into actionable information for executive-level decision-makers.

    His natural proclivity for report automation and system building steered him towards a role in IT as an SAP HANA BI Developer / Architect. During his tenure, he led the successful implementation of Tableau and broadened his expertise with advanced tools such as AWS, Azure, Python, and others.