Automated Decision Intelligence has already been implemented by 33% of businesses, and in the coming years, its adoption will grow exponentially.

Enabling teams to do more with less. Increasing margins and operational efficiency for those who took the right steps toward making it a reality for their businesses.

But what are the right steps?

During this webinar, we explore the six stages of the “Data Maturity Curve”. Identifying where most businesses are now, where they get stuck and what decisions they can take to get ahead and stay ahead.

No matter where your retail business is on its data maturity journey today, this webinar will provide you with insights and actions on how you can take the best next step toward automated decision intelligence.
  • What is Automated Decision Intelligence and the opportunity it holds?
  • The six stages of the data maturity curve and practical steps to move up the ladder
  • What you can do now to stay ahead in the future
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    Andrew Thomas
    CEO & Co-Founder at Kleene
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    Gianluca Uberti
    Chief Operating Officer at Kleene