93% of GenZ use social for shopping every week.

41% of GenZ start every product search on social.

74% of consumers say that social is a great place to find new products.


All social networks are facing serious regulatory headwinds.

Meta has announced external links will be limited if the brand isn’t selling on Shops.

And only 17% of shoppers who have returned an item they bought on social would buy again.


So, how can you navigate the shifting landscape?

Social commerce strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Start by knowing where the landmines are for your brand and how to avoid them. And where your easy wins are.

Join Charles Nicholls and Lindsay Moore from DXacademy as they share their experience and research on how brands can best navigate this shifting landscape and thrive with the opportunities social commerce presents.
  • New research on how consumers use social to buy
  • How & why the social commerce landscape is shifting
  • Key considerations & common pitfalls in a social commerce strategy
  • Selling on social channels - pro's and con's
  • Learnings from IR Top 100 brands
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    Charles Nicholls
    Chief Executive Officer at SimplicityDX
    Charles Nicholls has been researching online shopping behavior for more than 20 years and is an expert in social commerce and online buyer behavior. With deep expertise in digital advertising, marketing and merchandising he has advised many leading brands and retailers on their online strategy including Amazon, eBay and Google.
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    Lindsay Moore
    Chief Customer Officer at SimplicityDX
    Lindsay holds the position of Chief Customer Officer at SimplicityDX, following many years of working in senior roles at various companies in the eCommerce space. She has demonstrated a strong track record in customer success, alliances, business development, partnerships, strategy, and marketing.