Over the past 25 years, Google has continually revolutionized the way we search for information.

Now, with the integration of generative AI, Google Search elevates user experience even further, having unveiled its vision for local search at their annual I/O conference.

At Uberall, we have several observations and thoughts on where the future of search might be headed as it relates to multi-location brands.

We’ll explore five key observations regarding AI and search, how they will impact brands, and what marketers need to do to prepare for the changes.
  • Elevate local search by gaining insights about Generative AI
  • Learn about 5 key observations from Google and their SEO impact
  • Actionable steps to take for brands to get ahead of these changes
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    Krystal Taing
    VP, Solutions at Uberall
    A San Diego-based digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience in SEO. Krystal is passionate about helping brands use local search to tell a story and connect with their customers.

    As a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert, Krystal is an authority when it comes to guiding businesses to success and navigating new challenges (and opportunities like AI).