Wed, Mar 24, 2021 · 3:00 PM · CET
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About This Webinar
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is turning out to be a game changer, with countless applications in nearly every domain of our lives. With the backbone of long-standing pioneering work in the industry, Syntegon has paved the way for a smart AI inspection technology to become a reality in pharmaceutical manufacturing lines. In this 60min webcast, attendees will get an overview on how AI has emerged as a real solution to the challenges and past limitations of standard image processing used in automated inspection machines. The expert reveals how a Deep Learning approach dramatically improves inspection performance and saves significant time and effort in vision recipe preparation and retuning. Having introduced the world’s first validated AI Vision system now fully operational in a pharmaceutical production line, the key technical enablers for equipment qualification will be explained during the webcast.


- Vision Engineers
- Inspection Machine Owners
- Production Line Managers
- Validation Officials
- Production Managers
- Engineering Managers
- Project Managers

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- Realizing DL image processing with Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) algorithms
- How an ANN is trained, optimized and applied in an automated machine’s vision recipe
- Key points for validation and machine qualification
- DL benefits: enhancing Detection Rates whilst dramatically reducing False Rejects
  • Intelligent Inspection with Deep Learning
  • Automated Inspection Basics
  • Image Processing by Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning in Automated Inspection Machines
  • OFF-Machine Test in Lyophilized Product
  • Implementation and Validation in Production Line
  • Your Deep Learning Journey
PRESENTER: Jose M. Zanardi Ocampo
Senior Manager of Vision Engineering and Product Management for AI solutions at Syntegon Technology
Zanardi is responsible for overseeing projects related to Deep Learning (DL) applied to automated vision inspection at the Center of Competence for Vision Technology, located in Japan. Formerly he was Project Manager for platform development of automated inspection machines, and Manager of the R&D Department. Before joining the Bosch Packaging division, Zanardi worked at Bosch Corporate Research, where he was responsible for the Japanese branch of that unit. He holds a bachelor´s degree in electronics engineering and a doctorate in materials science.
MODERATOR: Wolfram Schindler
Global Product Manager, Syntegon Technology
Wolfram Schindler has a strong background in physics with a PhD thesis on spectroscopic electron microscopy imaging. In 2014 he joined Syntegon (formerly Bosch Packaging) as research engineer focusing on measurement systems related to Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) on automated platforms. Today Wolfram is the Global Product Manager responsible for the portfolio of Visual Inspection and CCIT machines.