Your 401k and IRA's are ticking tax time-bombs! This webinar explains in easy-to-understand terms how you can act now to potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement taxes.
  • How to reduce taxes on your IRA's and 401k's
  • How to pay 0% tax on Dividends and Capital Gains
  • How to reduce or even eliminate taxes on your Social Security income
  • How to eliminate Required Minimum Distributions on your IRA's forever
  • How to avoid one of the most punitive parts of the tax code, if you're married, that you're virtually guaranteed to fall victim to otherwise
Troy Sharpe, CFP®
CEO and Co-Founder
Troy Sharpe, CFP®, has a finance degree from Florida State University and completed his Certified Financial Planning certification at the Susanne M. Glasscock School at Rice University. Additionally, Troy is a Registered Financial Consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

For the past 10 years, Troy has hosted "The Retirement Income Show" heard Sundays at noon on KTRH 740am. Troy holds a Series 65 Investment Advisers license as well as a Texas life insurance license.
This webinar will show you…
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    Lesson #1
    How to pay 0% tax on Dividends and Capital Gains
  • 1591042563-3938ede41fac92ee
    Lesson #2
    How to eliminate RMD's on your IRA's
  • 1591042795-b1780209879db717
    Lesson #3
    How to get in the 0% tax bracket forever, even paying 0% tax on your Social Security Income