Current trends and developments in the offshore wind industry are shaping the installation fleet of the future. Ever larger offshore wind turbines as well as the expansion to new areas such as Japan, Taiwan, and the USA are challenging the current installation concepts. GustoMSC is widely involved in these developments through the design of ever-increasing Wind Turbine Installation Vessel designs, larger jacking systems and cranes. In parallel, GustoMSC has been developing solutions for feeder options including the latest development of the Steady Top Feeder Vessel.

The development of the Steady Top Feeder Vessel design and the associated BM-T1500G motion-compensation platform and skidding system, have resulted in a dedicated feeder solution. This is a collaboration between GustoMSC and Barge Master, which offers the flexibility of a floating vessel feeder solution while maximizing workability and minimizing the risk of operations.

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  • Context and WTI Market
  • Feedering challenges and STFV as a solution
  • Alternative solutions for feedering
  • STFV equipment: BM-T1500G motion compensation system & skidding system
  • Questions and open discussion
Sales Manager - GustoMSC
Karel Wagner is Sales Manager for GustoMSC with a focus on the Offshore Wind Industry in general and the US market in particular. For the past 12 years he has been involved in the design and engineering of mobile offshore units including various wind turbine installation jack-ups which have been built for the European offshore wind market. Karel worked on many of these projects in the capacity of Engineer and Project Manager and holds a Master’s degree in Naval Architecture from Delft University of Technology. Karel spent 2017-2019 in the GustoMSC Houston office exploring and supporting the US offshore wind market in its early stages. Recently he returned to the GustoMSC office in the Netherlands to continue his role from there supporting US and European clients in developing their offshore wind installation solutions.
Product Development Manager - GustoMSC
Andries Hofman has been working since 2001 with GustoMSC, where he currently holds a position as Product Development Manager with particular focus on Renewables.

Formerly he worked as Expert Engineer in the department of Naval Architecture, and last few years as Project Manager for design of offshore wind installation jack-ups. He has been one of the leading persons in the development of the successful range of GustoMSC Wind Turbine Installation Jack-Ups. The majority of offshore wind turbines has been installed by jack-ups designed by GustoMSC, with their proprietary technology, jacking systems and specialized cranes.

In his current role as Product Development Manager he strives to optimize the current product range in terms of operational efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. The key focus is on developing balanced solutions facilitating a healthy energy transition.

He has been heavily involved in the design of the jacking systems of the MPI Resolution (built 2002) and has been technically responsible for the design of BARD Wind Lift 1 (built 2009), the MPI Adventure and MPI Discovery (built in 2011) and for the concept of the NG-9000C series built in 2011, 2012 for Fred. Olsen Windcarrier (2x) and A2Sea (2x). He is currently working on various solutions for the nearby future of wind turbine installation.
CEO - Barge Master
Martijn Koppert is the founder and CEO of Barge Master, which was established in 2008. The company was started out of his other company, Temporary Works Design, which he founded in 2007 and where he is still General Manager.

Martijn Koppert studied Civil Engineering. He first worked as an Engineer Manager for BAM International, based in the middle east. He later became Sales Manager for SMIT International, also based in the middle east. During this time he became aware of the huge impact that waiting on weather had on time and resources during operations. This sparked the idea to establish Barge Master, specialists in motion compensation solutions for the offshore market, with the sole focus on eliminating downtime and increasing safety.