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Hello! In this webinar, we will walk you through our approach and capability in unlocking marginal and stranded reserves in shallow waters that are far away from existing infrastructure. The solution, (also virtually presented during this year’s OTC - OTC-30502-MS) is a system that employs a jack-up based Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) in combination with a modular subsea storage system. The storage system is an unmanned solution that is designed with an integrated offloading system.

This combination of integrating mobile production, topside and subsea technologies provides a truly unique hybrid solution for flexible, economical field development – reusable, and re-deployable.

Starting with the MOPU methodology, we will showcase the concept, and applications, specifically focussing on challenges we’re able to address. Following this we will showcase the link to our leading subsea technologies, with particular focus on the Subsea Storage Unit (SSU) which epitomises how we address future demands.

We welcome questions, comments and insights before, during and after the webinar, via direct contact with our speakers, or via the question box in the webinar.

We look forward to hosting you and hope you will find this session informative and enjoyable. Please feel free to share with your colleagues and cohorts, as the level of interaction and participation will directly add to the relevance and quality of the sessions.

We hope you enjoy!
  • Adaptable MOPU designs with compact process modules that reduce weight and cost
  • Storage system methodology: energy-efficient system with a low environmental footprint
  • The flawless interface system between surface and subsea: this reusable, and re-deployable solution provides a truly unique hybrid for flexible, economical field development
Subject Matter Expert
Kristian is a structural engineer with 15+ years’ experience in the industry. He has worked within Subsea Production Systems for the past 9 years, and in his current role as Commercial Operations Manager, he has developed several major disruptive technologies and projects. Kristian graduated from Oslo Metropolitan University with a Degree in Structural Engineering, and a prior diploma in Shipping.
Subject Matter Expert
Alain is a naval architect with over 20 years’ experience in the offshore industry. As Commercial Director for GustoMSC, he has been responsible for several major and groundbreaking projects and holds multiple patents. He leads commercial activities in the design and engineering of mobile offshore units in maintenance, accommodation, construction and production, with a particular focus on jack-up based production platforms.