Nordic China Business Hub will run a business training webinar, the CHINA BUSINESS programme. The webinar will be broken down into 3 interactive sessions which will include practical information with discussion.

Who can benefit from CHINA BUSINESS?
1. Companies with a product or service that can be sold into the China market, or companies that have started targeting the Chinese market.
2. Companies that want to quickly develop their business in China.
3. Companies that do not have sufficient experience in doing business in China.
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    Jan Erik Christensen
    CEO, Nordic China Business Hub AS
    Jan Erik Christensen PhD is the founder and CEO of Nordic China Business Hub AS ( and Learn Chinese (Lær Kinesisk,, and has lived in China for more than 16 years.

    Nordic China Business Hub helps companies doing business in China. They help companies finding producers, sourcing, finding distributors, setting up a sales strategy in China through for example by using payments in China like WeChat Pay Alipay, setting up websites or WeChat business accounts registered in China to target potential customers, prospects and clients in China.

    They help companies setting up meetings with Chinese companies and present companies in their network in China. Their network includes governmental entities in several provinces in China responsible for business development.

    Nordic China Business Hub provides legal services in China such as protection of IP, patent, trademark, due diligence, verification of contracts etc.

    They also host webinars and courses on Chinese Business to help companies succeed with their business in China.