● Respond to changing customer demands in real time
● Go beyond simple production checks and improve product quality with unprecedented accuracy
● Increase production, reduce costs, and eliminate downtime
● Achieve rapid time to value while future-proofing your investment

AI has fundamentally reshaped the manufacturing industry by reducing costs, improving quality, streamlining supply chain management, eliminating downtime, and more. High resolution Computer Vision has moved from simple quality control to being able to identify flaws that are invisible to the human eye in real time. Predictive maintenance can eliminate unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. Sentiment analysis enables manufacturers to respond to changing customer demands with unprecedented speed. There is no part of the manufacturing process that has not been transformed by AI.

Successfully taking advantage of this transformative technology, while improving profit margins in the hyper competitive manufacturing industry is challenging and requires a solution that is purpose built for AI. Legacy AI hardware has not been able to scale to meet the needs of next generation AI, making the need to future-proof AI investments clear
Prabhdeep Singh
VP of Software Product at SambaNova Systems
PD was most recently VP Products at UiPath, founded the AI business, and led it through the IPO. He has two decades of experience building AI/ML systems in varied enterprise areas, such as healthcare, CRM, Retail, and productivity apps. His past work includes an automated retail stores startup, a system for predicting patient readmissions. As research lead for Microsoft Office, Prabhdeep founded some of the first intelligent mobile apps, and ML and NLP components for Microsoft Office. At Microsoft, he also built a new business group focused on AI for sales and marketing with a multibillion-dollar impact on Microsoft revenue. Prabhdeep earned an M.S. from Stony Brook University in New York, is a Stanford Alum, and holds multiple patents.