Business Problem:

- Process interruptions, called breaks, are a major source for OEE losses in paper industry
- In the current situation many of them occur without warning, due to unnoticed process fluctuations

AI driven Solution:

- Fully automated process model generation
- Fully automated detection of break origins in the process
- Human – AI interaction to understand the root cause and to define counter measures


- Cloud based app that enables the human to work with the AI model without being a data scientist – resulting in a massive increase of OEE
Jürgen Käser
Director Process Applications at Voith Group
The start of the professional career as a global service engineer for process troubleshooting was a fast track to gather domain knowledge in industrial manufacturing. Most of the following roles concentrated in using the knowledge in a data driven approach for process optimization. Starting point were model predictive controls close to the automation system – optimizing cost efficiency in production by AI quality predictors including the closed loop control. The path of digitization was consequently followed towards cloud based solution packages including advanced AI applications. Development is driven from capturing the customer need, thru pilots until the delivery of a finished product to the operative Voith units.