Welcome to this on demand pre-recorded session for the NHS APA 2021 Virtual Conference.

In this session we are joined by April Wareham and Gemma Cooke from Working with Everyone, a lived experience organisation which aims to bring the lived experience voice to policy and practice in health and social care.

As part of a recent study commissioned by the NHS APA, April and the team have been consulting with people with addiction about their experience of stigma and have produced an extensive report to illustrate their findings. In this session April and Gemma will present some of the range of insights gathered over recent months. The final report is due to be published in the next few weeks, however an early copy of the case studies report is available to download in the handouts section. Please note that this report is for information purposes only to support today's event. If you would like to be notified when the final version becomes available please email: admin@workingwitheveryone.org.uk.

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    April Wareham
    April has a personal lived experience of drug use and has been involved in community projects for most of her life.

    She is currently an independent consultant and trainer. She is a founder member of “Working with Everyone” a national project that uses lived experience to bring about system and culture change to improve outcomes.

    She is currently the project lead for an engagement project that is co-produced with NHS England and NHS Improvement to engage with marginalised communities in a meaningful way, with the aim of reducing health inequalities and improving individual outcomes.

    April will also be joined by Gemma Cooke, a lived experience qualitative researcher and a Masters Student in Criminology and Criminal Justice.