Welcome to Session 6 of the NHS APA 2022 Virtual Conference.

In this session we will hear from Colleen Lally and Natalie Needham of Recovery Wellness Collective CIC. They will be talking about Natalie's project Stitch Away the Stigma, a creative campaign for those affected by substance use or gambling of a loved one.

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    Colleen Lally
    Founder of the Recovery Wellness Collective CIC
    Colleen Lally is a yoga therapist, holistic recovery coach and founder of the Recovery Wellness Collective CIC. Based in psychotherapy, neuroscience, and evidence-based research, Colleen designs trauma-informed somatic programmes that focus on the recovery needs of the whole family. Colleen holds an MSc in public and urban policy and has completed post-graduation education in psychotherapy. In collaboration with the Forces in Mind Trust, ADFAM UK and the University of York, she participated in a research study on peer support for families of ex-service personnel with substance abuse problems, published in November 2020, which provided the much needed scientific evidence to develop a nation-wide support model. In 2021, Colleen collaborated on the development of two evidence-informed 8-week programmes using Yogic and Ayurvedic principles to help support the health and wellbeing of anyone, including people affected by COVID-19, in the United Kingdom. Both programmes were sponsored and commissioned by the UK’s College of Medicine and India’s Ministry of AYUSH, with a memo of understanding with All India Institute of Ayurveda and support from the Prince’s Foundation. She runs a private yoga therapy clinic, online and in person, for individuals suffering with their mental health as well as facilitating small group workshops and courses.
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    Natalie Needham
    Creative director of the Recovery Wellness Collective CIC and founder of 'Stitch Away the Stigma'
    Natalie Needham is the creative director of the Recovery Wellness Collective CIC and founder of 'Stitch Away the Stigma', a creative campaign for people affected by substance use and gambling. She graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA Hons in Costume Design where she also won the award for 'Best Use of Textiles in Costume.' Upon graduating she set up Natalie & Ruth Textiles which she ran until 2019.

    She has also worked as the Textile Artist in the costume department of Opera North since 2016. Natalie is a member of ADFAM's lived experience advisory board. Natalie started 'Stitch Away the Stigma' in May 2021 to help give a voice to those affected by a loved one's substance use after her own lived experience with her father began affecting her own mental health.