Welcome to Session 5 of the NHS APA 2022 Virtual Conference.

In this session Rob Stebbings of Adfam will be sharing information about Adfam and SFAD's Reporting of Substance Media Toolkit, a resource for journalists and editors looking to report on alcohol and drugs with dignity and respect.

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    Rob Stebbings
    Policy and Communications Lead at Adfam
    Rob Stebbings is the Policy and Communications Lead at Adfam, a national charity supporting those affected by the substance use of a family member or friend.
    Rob joined Adfam in 2016 and co-ordinates Adfam’s external engagement, communication channels and policy and campaigning activity. This includes Adfam’s recent ‘Forgotten 5 Million’ and ‘Families Awareness Week’ campaigns.

    Rob also supports the development of Adfam’s research, including ‘Overlooked’, a 2021 research study which shows the prevalence and impact of substance use and gambling on families in Great Britain.